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The European CE Mark

The CE mark is one of the most
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 CE-proof Services Summary:

CEproof Spain offers an array of standard and tailored technical services to clients looking to acquiring the «CE» Mark for recreational craft. Our knowledge and expertise of the European Directive 2003/44/EC (94/25/EC) can help the client limit their liability.  End result: A «CE» Marked boat legally ready for use or sale anywhere within the European Union.

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    CE Marking and Inspection

    Our CE inspections are industry recognised offering some of the most competitive prices in the sector. Here all the information needed to get any recreational boat certified for legal use in the EU/EEA can be found.

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    Technical Construction File

    As authorised CE inspectors we are experienced in creating Technical Construction Files (TCF) for any recreational craft, be it for manufacturers, trade or private users. Here we explain the importance of the TCF.

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    Post Construction Assessment

    A very unique inspection process. We use the PCA process to legalise any non-CE marked recreational boats entering into the EU, regardless of it origin and background. CEproof Spain are approved PCA CE inspectors.

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Introduction to the CE Mark and CE Marking

The European Commission refers to the «CE» Marking of products as a “passport” which can allow a manufacturer to freely circulate their products within the European marketplace.

The «CE» mark focuses on pleasure, leisure or ‘recreational’ boats being registered, used, bought or sold between 2.5m and 24m within Europe. This legislation is enshrined in The Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC (amended by 2003/44/EC) (aka RCD). If the boat complies with the RCD and the Essential Safety Requirements it will ultimately lead to the boat achieving the «CE» mark. The purpose of «CE» marking is both to eliminate existing trade barriers and to increase the safety of products allowed on the market within the EU/EEA, by applying the «CE» mark the owner or manufacturer (or his representative) states that the product meets the legal requirements laid out in the Directives.

Responsibility for ensuring that a boat complies with the Directive lies with the company or person first putting the product into service or on the European Market, for use or sale,  new or second hand. This responsibility includes signing and holding the legal paperwork.

When the boat meets all requirements of the Recreational craft Directive, it can be awarded with its «CE» mark.  When successfully «CE» marked, the boat is given build plate information and a unique identification number known as the CIN.

Read more on the «CE» mark and «CE» marking basics here.

Read more on the legal requirements and the Recreational Craft Directive here.

A glimpse at how CE-proof Spain can help

Recognised as global leaders in the CE marking of recreational craft and related equipment complying with the EU Recreation Craft Directive (RCD) and the Marine Equipment Directive (MED). CEproof is solely responsible for the «CE» marking of thousands of imported and newly manufactured boats every year, preparing them to be imported, registered, sold or used legally in Europe.

As authorised independent «CE» marking inspectors, this independence and unbiased view made CEproof among the first to work with the difficult idiosyncrasies of the Recreational Craft Directive legislation, in the early years of the EU commission’s New & Global Approach. Since then the European commission has expanded the reach of the directives and CEproof has continued to stay ahead of the competition in terms of local knowledge base and price sensitivity. CEproof is also known for giving informative talks, webcasts and seminars on the subject of boat importation, the «CE»marking process and the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) 94/25/EC (amended 2003/44/EC).

CEproof 'O Tick' “Specialists in CE marking of recreational boats, simply because we don’t do anything else!”

CEproof have over 15 years of experience exclusively in the niche sector of «CE» marking, and employ a wide range of qualified professionals with various skill sets and areas of expertise.

CEproof 'O Tick'  “The most complete and affordable CE marking solution on the market”

Considered the fastest and most cost effective «CE» marking solution available to the individual boat owner, yacht broker or manufacturer to get their boat or project «CE» certified and legal for import, sale or use within the European Union.

 CEproof 'O Tick' “Uncomplicated professional CE Marking”

CEproof Spain take the headache of marine legislation, ISO’s and European directives away from the client by offering a fully comprehensive technical and consultancy service. CEproof acts as a filter and manages all the communication and technical discussions between you and the European Notified Body on your behalf.

 CEproof 'O Tick'  “Fixed Pricing Options available for CE Marking Solutions”

Most competitors of CEproof Spain fall behind not only on the afore mentioned points but because we have the flexibility to offer a “Closed price contract”. This allows the client to know how much the final fee will be from the outset with no strings or surprises attached at the end! This is especially helpful in todays budget driven world.

CEproof 'O Tick'  “Clear, concise and timely communication”

It is recognised that in the recreational craft sector CEproof clients come from all walks of life and have a varied background and knowledge base.  Understanding that not everybody is a naval architect or may not be savvy with regards to marine terminology, CEproof Spain feel it important that our communication is clear and concise as much as possible.

CEproof 'O Tick'  “An international response to your local needs”

CEproof Spain as a company see no boundaries. We are known for our global attitude and response to work and often find ourselves working abroad far from our base in Europe.

Read more about CEproof Spain and how we work here.

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